Make Room

If you are ready to:

Forgive yourself
Choose ease
Embrace where you are and where you’re going
Rewrite your story
Trust in your own desires and gifts
Experience unconditional self-love and inner trust
Get and stay inspired
Open up to love

Read on…

Hey Lady,

I’ve been exactly where you are in this moment. Life can feel really hard sometimes. Our love lives and professional lives can deliver blows we’ve never thought possible. Our bodies and health can change on a dime. All of this can feel totally and utterly out of our control. You expected one thing, and got another. Your life was supposed to turn out one way, but it just didn’t. I’m describing myself just a few years back. I thought I was on a very specific career path, I thought I’d have a relationship and marriage by a certain age and I thought treating my body a certain way would get me the body and life I wanted… Needless to say, nothing turned out as I had originally planned. Instead, I felt like I was in the batting cages, constantly fending off the curveballs that got thrown at me. I got fired three times in two years in my late twenties. I didn’t meet my now-husband till I was 37 and most of my peers were married with children. And I regarded my body as something to battle and fight with. Getting to where I am today wasn’t easy and wasn’t a straight line. But, I know in my heart that it can be easier when you have a guide to hold your hand and lead you through the dark spaces.

As the Curveball Coach, I’d love to be your guide.

Just a few years ago, I decided to do and see things differently. I decided to listen to the part of me that told me to go after what lights me up, that I actually might even make a living out of it. I decided to believe that the perfect partner for me was around the corner – looking for me too. I decided to treat my body like it was on my side – all the time, no matter what. But it wasn’t always this way for me. In fact, I spent many years struggling with my professional calling, my desire for love and my body…

I was taught as a child to follow my heart.

But growing up in a “go-getter” society, family and community took me a little off the heart path. I heard my heart and soul growing up, but it took me years before I could truly listen with an open mind. I’ve accomplished a lot in my professional life. I got a master’s degree from an Ivy League school, taught middle school in New York City, built and sustained markets within a nonprofit organization, raised thousands of philanthropic dollars and generated millions in sales revenue. I worked long hours. I managed teams. At times I felt I was eating, breathing and sleeping work. The traditional grind left me feeling mentally, emotionally and physically drained. I got sick. I was driven (still am), and I mostly really cared about the work. But I couldn’t help questioning, is this what my life is supposed to be about? Is work (which is where I spent most of my life) supposed to exhaust me, and make me feel dread on Sunday nights? Or is there something else out there for me? What does my heart say?

Then there was my love life.

All throughout my twenties and most of my thirties, I dated. I had some very short term and some medium short-term relationships. Most of these guys ended things with me, realizing we were not a match before I did. Many times, I was devastated. I cried and agonized and told myself that our time together had ended because I wasn’t lovable or good enough for them. I watched friends find their number one, get married, have kids. I went to weddings and wondered if it would ever happen for me, if I’d always feel like I was watching on the sidelines and if I’d ever feel like I was someone’s number one.

And of course, then there was my body.

Like many women, I spent a lot of my life at best, feeling neutral about and at at worst, hating my body. I compared it constantly to other girls and women around me. I dieted and exercised religiously. I attempted more workout regimens and ways of eating than I can count. I gained and lost the same 10-20 pounds several times. Even when I was at my thinnest or fittest (which was always the goal), I never felt good enough. I always thought there’d be a moment when I’d hit the body jackpot – looking in the mirror and liking what I saw. Or that life would be how I wanted it to be once I hit that weight loss goal. And I hit it, but that feeling never came, so I kept on battling…


I struggled, and struggled, and struggled, and finally came to the conclusion that life is way too short to spend any of it in needless struggle. I read, I researched, and yes, I did find amazing healers and hypnotherapists and more recently, coaches.

I invested in myself many times and spent energy, time and money to get to a place where I….

  • found the love of my life at 37
  • quit my lucrative job and dropped a career at the top of my game to pursue my dream and start my own business
  • ended a lifelong habit of restriction and body battles in order to become intimate friends with my body instead.

This is why I’m so driven, lit up, excited and inspired to show you exactly how to get to a place
where you are driven, lit up, excited and inspired about your life. I’ve been exactly where you are.

You feel like life has thrown you endless curveballs. So far, it hasn’t turned out the way you thought it would. But. You know that, as Joseph Campbell said, when you decide to let go of the life you have planned, you can accept the one that is waiting for you. When you are able to let go, you can actually make room for the life that is EVEN BETTER than the one you’ve dreamed of! This is daunting to attempt on your own. I know. I didn’t have coaches or guides for much of my own journey… and I wish I had! So, I’ll hold your hand, be by your side and on your side as you make room for something better.

Does any of the following ring true for you?:

  • Life isn’t happening the way it was supposed to
  • You followed the rules and got screwed
  • You gave more and got less
  • You got what you wanted… and then it got snatched away
  • Nothing good lasts
  • You want to believe it’ll all work out, but you get totally stuck in the how
  • There’s no way you could have the good fortune of getting what you want in all areas of your life
  • Worrying is a pastime
  • Shame floods over you whenever you think about past relationships or professional failures
  • You believe the naysayers
  • You’re chained to the opinions of others
  • Mean comments stick
  • You regret decisions and situations you got yourself into
  • What if you never get what you want?
  • You’re doing the right thing, so why do you feel stuck?
  • What you once thought you wanted feels empty
  • Following your bliss is for other people
  • If anyone saw who you really were, they wouldn’t love you
  • You’ve accomplished a lot, but you’re still not enough
  • You don’t know how to stop criticizing yourself
  • Your love isn’t reciprocated
  • You follow the rules so you don’t rock the boat
  • You look for validation from other people and make decisions from that place
  • Worth comes from doing and accomplishing more

Do you recognize yourself in any of the above? If you do, I want you to step up to the plate! Because I know what’s possible for you. An opportunity to play, dream, get support, accountability and a full-fledged game plan is waiting for you.


I’m really good at pulling out of you what you really want, helping you discover what parts of you might have another agenda, and supporting you to rewrite your story so that you can step into the life that is way better than the one you expected.

It’s not just for some people, it’s for you!

It’s time for you to:

  • Know that everything you need is always with you.
  • Receive support in pulling out your strength, your inspiration, your wisdom, your faith.
  • Leap and to have clarity, flow and ease.
  • Trust yourself unconditionally, to stop struggling, to let love in.
  • Believe that desire is a window to your future.
  • Have support from someone who’s been there, someone to hold your hand, someone who’s on your side and by your side. Someone that could help you discover how to rewrite the story, love yourself and believe in what’s possible. Someone to remind you of exactly who you are when you want to revert back to old beliefs. Someone who can help you avoid needless suffering.

Here’s what others are saying about my coaching and mentoring:

amy owen 2

Two Sessions with Tamar helped me more than 1.5 years of therapy

“Two sessions with Tamar helped me more than 1.5 years of therapy. I feel like I’m kind of stumbling around, and Tamar showed up with a flashlight and a map and said, ‘I know the way!’ I’m still going to have to stumble up the mountains and down the valleys, but it helps to have direction and someone to help me along.”

-Amy O, Los Angeles, CA

Lisa Harris

If you are in transition and are ready to move forward to whatever awaits you, without a doubt, Tamar is the coach you need by your side.

“Working with Tamar has been a game changer for me. As I transition from full time stay at home mom to starting my own business, her coaching has helped me to avoid overwhelm, live more in the moment and to become more comfortable with the discomfort that such growth can trigger. Tamar’s ability to hone in on exactly where I need stretch and support is amazing, because so often I don’t even know where to begin or what I need. I have taken away so many great tools to use on a daily basis that keep me moving forward in a positive way and I’m so incredibly grateful for the insight, warmth and comfort that sessions with Tamar always provide. If you are in transition and are ready to move forward to whatever awaits you, without a doubt, Tamar is the coach you need by your side.”

-Lisa H, Denver, Colorado

Emily Geizer

She knows how to skillfully and swiftly uncover the underlying challenges

“Tamar’s gentle and compassionate nature put me at ease right away. As gentle as she is however, she knows how to skillfully and swiftly uncover the underlying challenges that are preventing me from reaching my goals. By supporting me to discover these beliefs, she has helped me come up with practical next steps that are easy to implement. I highly recommend working with Tamar if you feel stuck and need someone to support you, keep you accountable and get you moving on the right path.”

-Emily G, Chapel Hill, NC

Kim Thompson

I feel like my load has lightened and am very clear on my mission – all in one session!

“Working with Tamar offered me profound perspective on my values and direction. I particularly appreciated Tamar’s focus and felt really supported while I struggled with some emotion. I feel like my load has lightened and am very clear on my mission – all in one session! If you’re in transition and need support, Tamar’s your gal! Highly recommend!”

-Kim T, Seattle, WA


Tamar is a masterful guide

“Working with Tamar has allowed me to release long-held beliefs and actions that were no longer serving me. When you are ready to shed self-limitations and step into your purpose and power, Tamar is a masterful guide.”

-Carla N. Edmonton, Alberta

I’m called to support you in making room for something better.

And because this experience is intense and deeply engaging, I’m opening it up to five women who are truly ready and called to fully step in. If you’re reading this and these words are connecting to you, I encourage you fill out this application. I’ve had the experience of reading these types of invitations and having a gut feeling of “this is speaking to me.” If that’s happening for you right now, listen to your deep knowing, and apply!

If you’re ready to:

  • engage in deep visioning which calls on your whole self – your mind, body and spirit
  • discover exactly what resonates for you about your life right now and the life you want (and stop relying on what you thought it could be or what other people told you it should be)
  • go inside to uncover exactly what subconscious beliefs might be holding you back from having everything you deserve
  • let go of the beliefs, behaviors and relationships that no longer serve you so you can make room for something better
  • play with your thoughts, ideas, feelings and discover another way of dialoguing with your body
  • co-create a game plan that lets you feel and live the way you want every day…


woman in sunlight

How will you transform? What makes this possible? How will we play together?

I have learned that simple models that emphasize talk, advice and behavioral suggestions can only go so far when it comes to major change and deep integration. You thought you had one brain, but you really have three! An approach where we appreciate neurological levels on a horizontal and vertical plane can synthesize all three of our so-called “brains” – our mental brain, our heart-brain and our gut-brain. Sometimes referred to as our neocortex (mental), limbic system or emotion (heart) and instinct or intuition (gut). When all three of these brains can align, our thoughts, beliefs and behaviors can come into alignment, creating limitless possibilities for our lives.

In addition to using the three brains as an underlying frame of reference, we also integrate all levels of ourselves for rapid, lasting and sustainable changes:


This is the where and when of your desires and goals. We look at desires and goals via our environment – where and when you would like to experience these states: the places, the times, and the people you’re with. We even imagine the sensations you feel, the things you see, hear, touch, taste and even smell!


Behaviors = what you do to achieve your desires. We explore behaviors that are integral to engage in to achieve the desired states or goals. These may look like tangible and traditional “action steps” or they might look like metaphysical actions such as meditation or other spiritual practices that allow your desired states to manifest.


This is the how! We discover together what specific capabilities, strategies or resources you possess or desire to call upon in order to achieve the desired states or goals. These include your own innate gifts as well as the ability to obtain support when necessary!


Why is what you want important to you? We discover the answers when we look at your beliefs and values. We explore the beliefs that you need to guide you when you’re experiencing your desired states or goals. We also look at the values that are important to you when you’re acting on your goals.


Who are you when you’re experiencing your desired states? We paint a picture of who you become when you’ve achieved everything you want.


This is your highest vision and purpose. We discover together who else you are serving in this new, open, full and integrated identity. We understand the vision that you are pursuing and representing as a person who’s achieved your desired states and goals.

When you are able to play within all these levels, change is inevitable and happens without struggle.


What does this 6 month mentorship look like?

  • 90 minute transformational kick-start call: Once we determine that you are one of the five women to say yes to this experience, this mentorship begins with a 90 minute transformational kick-start call. Before we meet, I’ll ask you to get super comfy, light a candle, make your favorite tea and share yourself with me through an activation packet, designed to help you go deep right away and draw out what your deepest desires are for our mentorship. During this call, we’ll co-create a high level game plan of exactly where we want to go over the next six months.
  • Three 60 minute coaching sessions per month: Each month, we’ll meet three times for a total of 18 calls (including the 90 minute kick-start call). Each 60 minute call is sacred time for you. I’ll guide you to achieve your own epiphanies, breakthroughs and learning via exercises, questions and reflections. You’ll be able to bring questions and challenges to each of our sessions together and the focus will be entirely on how to get you to feel more of the good stuff, keep momentum, movement, and inspiration.
  • Unlimited email (and texting!)access: During our mentorship, you’ll have unlimited email access to me. When stuff pops up in between sessions, you can always drop me a line and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can with thoughtful and useful suggestions, reframes and tools.

Extra Goodies! As my private client, I will gift you with these bonuses…

  • The Curveball 10 Day Jumpstart This is my brand new multimedia guide to the what and how to do right away when life throws you a surprise curveball. It covers mind, body and spiritual practices that helped me immensely when I was dealing with sudden and jarring transitions. We’ll of course discuss these one-on-one, and you’ll have this guide at your fingertips whenever you’d like!
  • The Desire Map: A Multimedia Guide To What You Want The Most by Danielle LaPorte. This book and recording is beautiful, inspiring, spiritually uplifting to the Nth degree, both ethereal and incredibly practical and will rock your world!
  • Hand selected books, self-care items, and/or music that will lift your unique spirit higher.

Investment and Commitment:

If you’re wondering if this is for you, that’s okay. It’s definitely not for everyone. It’s not for people who are:

  • okay being stuck where they are
  • not interested in looking at what’s holding them back
  • not ready to truly claim what they want
  • not ready to rewrite their story
  • not ready to examine and take action on behaviors, beliefs and relationships that are no longer useful to them.

This experience requires a significant investment on both our parts, and that’s why I’m limiting my invitation to five women. There is the investment of time, energy and money. There is also a commitment on several levels: physical/mental, emotional and spiritual.

Time Investment:

6 months. You show up ready for our sessions and you create time to complete whatever we’ve agreed upon between sessions. I show up present for you and only you during our sessions, I am available as a resource (via email) between sessions and provide assistance in multiple forms.

Energy Investment:

During our time together – you give this your all! I always hold you in the field of highest possibility during our sessions and even in-between, and you choose to give yourself all you need physically, emotionally and spiritually to achieve the greatest transformation during our six months together.

Monetary Investment:

The value of this experience including all the bonuses is over $7,000. I know that before making significant investments in myself, that number would have felt out of reach. So, I’ve created an investment that may be a stretch, but is still possible for the woman who knows it’s her time to invest in herself. The value of the experience of making room for something better will feel exponentially greater than the actual monetary investment. There are several investment options designed to make it as affordable and feasible as possible. We’ll discuss the specific monetary investment during our initial consultation.


I am committed to creating a powerful and unique growth and learning experience for you. I bring all of myself to this experience with you. I bring my belief that you possess everything you need to achieve the life you want and be the person that you are meant to be. I bring my skills, training, intuition, passion, compassion and wholehearted presence to this adventure.

You’ll receive resources, recommendations, exercises, connections and most importantly structured support, accountability, and love. My intent is that you feel supported enough to take risks, leap and fully engage in whatever you are playing with, even when it gets scary, murky or confusing.

What I expect from you:

*Be willing to face your fears (with support from me of course!)
*Be willing to understand the positive intention of beliefs, patterns or thoughts that no longer serve you (so that you can make room for something better!)
*Be willing to let beliefs, patterns or thoughts go so as to replace them with more useful ones
*Be open to trying new things
*Be open to trying something again (even if it hasn’t worked in the past)
*Be open to using other modalities besides our mental ones to problem-solve, create and imagine.
*Be okay with not having or knowing the answers
*Be honest and vulnerable with yourself and with me
*Be compassionate with yourself – as much as possible!
*Be willing to take leaps, even if you don’t feel ready
*Feel the fear and do it anyway
*Feel your feelings in the moment – as much as possible!
*Take amazing care of yourself, physically, spiritually and emotionally
*Follow through. And when you don’t, bring that to our sessions so we can explore what is stopping you.

What you can expect from me:

*A wholehearted presence. When I am with you, I am only with you.
*Active listening
*Active guidance, both in terms of questions I ask and suggestions I give.
*Openness and vulnerability. I share my own experiences with you when I believe they’d be useful to you.
*Commitment to sticking with you when things get sticky. When times get tough, (and sometimes they do), we’ll stick it out together!
*Play. I have a wicked sense of humor and love to laugh. In fact, I think sometimes facing our personal tragedies with a sense of humor is enormously useful!
*Knowledge and expertise. I have a lot of formal and informal training. And I’ll share any and all of it with you.
*Resources. When/if I know someone or something that will get you what you need, I’ll let you know.
*Accountability. I’ll remember what we talked about 🙂 I’ll ask you about your commitments. When you don’t do what you said you were going to do, we’ll explore that together.
*A belief that you’re whole. You’re not broken and you don’t need to be fixed. I believe that I’m here to help guide toward the truth of who you are.
*Love and Compassion. It may sound strange to say I love you, even though I haven’t met you yet. But I do. And I will.

OK. Your mind might be doing all kinds of swirling right now. You might be thinking “Wow. That’s a big investment and a lot to commit to. How do I know it will be the right thing for me when I’ve tried all these other things which were also big investments?”

I get it. I’ve been there too. It’s big and seems scary and you can’t see into the future. What I will tell you is this: Your inner voice doesn’t consider money so much as whether something is inherently right for you, at this moment. Here’s where you get to use your three brains! If you tune into your inner voice right now, you can access wisdom about whether this is the right investment for you, in this very moment.

To do that, close your eyes, and start to breathe deeply. Put your right hand over your heart and your left hand on your solar plexus or abdomen. Ask your body to tell you whether this is right for you. And see what comes up. Often we have a very clear “Yes” or “No” about big decisions in our lives. Our bodies tell us. I’ve invested thousands in my own personal development and my business, and I have never been led astray with a decision like this when I trusted my gut. When my heart, gut and head were aligned, it was never a bad idea. And even when I didn’t have a clear mental plan of where I’d find the money, if my gut said “YES!” I applied anyway and let the how fall into place later, as long as I made a commitment to my head that I’d figure it out…

So. If you feel that inner voice saying “I want this!” “I need this!” or “This is it!”… your next step is to complete the application, send it back, and we’ll get back to you within 5 days to schedule a one on one conversation. Applications will be accepted on a first come, first-served basis – so let that inner voice support you in taking the first step to complete the application.

Please note, filling out the application is a first step and doesn’t commit you in any way. It’s simply the first step to determine if we are a good match to play together. And, in many ways, simply filling out the application inspires growth, change, and momentum.


With love and inspiration,