Raw carrot cupcake bites

Last week I made some traditional sugar cookies that included all the usual ingredients:   flour, sugar, (vegan) butter and powdered sugar. I ate a few and didn’t love how I felt for hours afterwards.  Nor did I enjoy the cookies very much.   For NYE dinner,  I was thinking about making a traditional carrot […]

Potato Soup

When I left this morning, it was raining and I said “Today’s a good day for soup.”  And Mike responded “You’re making soup?”  So, I told him he could pick a soup and buy all the ingredients and that I’d make it when I got home. But, to my delight, when I entered the house […]

Chocolate Acorn Squash Custard

Thanks to my new friend Stephanie, I googled “Chocolate Acorn Squash Custard” and found this yummy recipe.  I made a few changes:  I used coconut crystals instead of brown sugar and only used 1/4 cup.  I’m definitely curious to see how it would turn out with date paste too, but liquid sweeteners don’t always translate […]

Collard tacos

  I am not a huge fan of cleanses.  I believe that life should basically be a cleanse.  If you eat something that’s not 100% nutritious, that’s okay as long as most of the other things you eat are.  I guess, my problem with a traditional cleanse is that they don’t always include food that […]