Dear Ellie

  One year ago today, Daddy and I woke up and went to the neonatologist’s office at Cedars-Sinai. We had an appointment to make sure you had grown enough. You were measuring small for your gestational age, and because of that, my doctor had started monitoring me frequently and I was ordered to stop exercising, […]

Decide to be kind

  Last week, after over 6,000 shows, Dave Letterman aired his last late night show. Lots of comedians and public figures have talked and written about his unmatched influence on the late night format, on comedy and TV in general. Conan O’Brien recently wrote an article for Entertainment Weekly about Dave’s effect on him and […]

What Takes You Out?

  We are all subject to experiences or interactions with people that shift our energy. Maybe you felt confident before you had that conversation with your boss and now you feel uneasy, unsure or low. Maybe you felt pretty good about yourself before you went to the dinner party, but the comment by an acquaintance […]

Does Choice Matter?

    “Fate doesn’t hang on a wrong or right choice” – Neil Hannon     I heard this quote from the song “Songs of Love” over the weekend and immediately began thinking about the idea of “wrong” and “right” choices as well as the idea of fate. One of the dictionary definitions of fate […]

Is suffering a waste?

  This week a common thread has emerged in several of my interactions: how we suffer when we focus on other people’s behavior, actions and choices. Today, I was hit by an even more specific epiphany: we suffer when we judge what we perceive as other people’s suffering. We watch people that are close to […]