Have you always been able to predict what’s next in your life?  Yeah, me neither.  Life throws us curveballs all the time, whether it’s getting in a car accident, losing your job, a loved one unexpectedly dying, a health predicament, or on the flip side, coming into a large sum of money, winning a spur of the moment vacation, a job relocating you to a new city, getting pregnant… arguably it’s easier to cope with the positive stuff that comes your way spontaneously, but sometimes, any change at all, positive or negative – is a challenge to integrate.  Why?  Because it conflicts with who you thought you were or how you thought your life would turn out.  You are, in essence, building a new identity each time we a new curveball gets pitched at you.

But here’s the thing:  Curveballs are unavoidable – they are, in fact, a huge part of life, whether they are major life curveballs or daily upsets. Even though you can’t necessarily plan for them, you can learn and practice your response to them, how you hit them out of the park, and how you allow them to happen.  The unexpected, uncertain times in life often get us so stressed out, depressed, anxious, and eager to be on the other side that we don’t notice the rewards and the lessons until much much later. But the curveballs of life (yes, even the painful ones) can actually be magical, they can be where everything opens up if you let it…


I support women who expected one thing and got another.  These women:

  • have just been laid off from, or quit a job
  • had a relationship (romantic or platonic) suddenly end or change dramatically
  • are experiencing health challenges or changes in their body
  • are experiencing infertility and/or pregnancy loss
  • thought one thing would make them happy, but are now realizing it doesn’t and want to figure out what they want to be when they grow up
  • are challenged with many curveballs of life all at one time
  • are working to integrate a new powerful belief or set of beliefs

Curveballs of life can feel so overwhelming that you are tempted to either curl up in the fetal position or burn yourself out trying to “fix” everything that feels broken.

Your health, general well-being, and perspective can suffer.  And  you can feel like you’re never going to hit the ball out of the park…But there IS a way.  How do I know this?

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