Laughter is spiritual

daily peace 2.5.15


This is a photo from my wedding. It’s not the most flattering photo of me, but I don’t care. I was laughing my tush off for most of the day.

Laughter is really important to me. It’s not an accident that I married someone who makes me laugh, hard and consistently, every day.

I was thinking about exactly how laughter sustains me. I believe the old adage that laughter is medicine, but it’s more than that. It connects me to the fullness of life. It allows me find sparks of joy in the midst of painful circumstances (ask me sometime about the jokes I made after my last miscarriage) What could be more spiritual?

Yes, I meditate often and I have other spiritual practices. But laughter is really my most regular spiritual practice. ¬†Laughter is nourishing, cleansing, divine, sustaining, and sacred. Spirituality doesn’t have to be solemn. It can be hilarious too!


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