That “woo-woo” shit

cash wolf


This is a Cash Wolf.  What’s a Cash Wolf, you ask?  Well, true to its name, a Cash Wolf helps you attract cash into your life.  My wolf-loving (and drawing) husband, Mike Henry, created the concept and artisinally crafts each cash wolf by hand.  Cash Wolf sits right above my desk so I can stare at him and be reminded of his powers.

I know what you’re thinking.  “That’s cute” or “Funny” or “They sound super mature” or “I NEED A CASH WOLF STAT!”  In all seriousness, Cash Wolf reminds me to practice believing that he’s working to bring me more cash.  Cash Wolf also reminds me to practice believing that everything is working:  the things I can’t see, the non-physical – all of it’s working behind the scenes.  Things may not always look like they are changing but they are.  And the more I remind myself of that (with the help of Cash Wolf), the more I notice that things are changing for the better.

Why should you care about this “woo-woo shit”?  Because I’m guessing that you, like I, want to feel better. One day, several years ago, I had this train of thought.  Basically it went something like this:

If believing that I can get what I want in life can actually help me get it, then I will start doing that. And if it doesn’t work, I haven’t lost anything because I’ve been feeling optimistic, which makes me feel good.  There’s absolutely nothing to lose from believing – even if believing doesn’t work and this is all a load of crap.  On the other hand, if I decide to not believe/have a negative outlook on life, that can cause quite a bit of damage – to me, to others, to my environment.  So, why not just believe?

Practicing the belief that it’s working – and I say practicing because it takes a recommitment every day – doesn’t mean you negate your sadness, anger, jealousy, rage or grief.  It just means that you are committed to feeling better.  When we feel incrementally better and better, life is better.  There’s a whole host of reasons why we sometimes don’t want to feel better and that’s another post – but sometimes feeling better is easier than you think.






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