Superfoods made practical! Superfood #4: Pitaya (Dragonfruit)

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It just got super hot here in LA.  The kind of hot where all you want to eat or drink are icy cold things . I got introduced to the concept of a “pitaya bowl” when we were in Santa Barbara a few weekends ago and visited Backyard Bowls.  They are more known for their Acai Bowls, but I decided to try the Pitaya Bowl.  First of all, it’s bright pink!  Neon magenta even!  (The above pic doesn’t do it justice).  I love eating colorful food, courtesy of nature.  When something is colorful, it’s a great sign that it’s full of nutrients.

Second, pitaya, also known as dragon fruit,  has amazing health benefits:  the Central America variety of pitaya with the bright pink flesh has tons of antioxidants and fiber, is low sugar, and omega-3 fats.  It’s also high in nutrients like vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and vitamin A.

I’ve been making my own pitaya bowls for a quick breakfast or lunch.  I use frozen pitaya packs – I’ve found these in the Whole Foods freezer section near the sorbet and juice concentrate.  They are conveniently packaged for single serving use.  I add one pitaya pack, 1/2 a frozen banana and about 1/2 cup of pure coconut water or nondairy milk.  You can add more liquid if you want it to be thinner.  I like it to be sorbet-like. Blend and top with fresh fruit or granola or both.  My topping of choice has been raw sprouted buckwheat granola.  (Kimberly Snyder has a great recipe for this or you can buy it.  I like the Go Raw brand)

You can also get fresh dragonfruit or pitaya at smaller markets or places like Whole Foods – some have white flesh and some have pink flesh – depending on where they are grown.

Happy exotic fruit eating 🙂





Superfoods made practical! Superfood #4: Pitaya (Dragonfruit)

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