The Juice Craze

soon these pics won’t be sideways 😉

If you came to our society from outer space, it would be especially tough not to notice the juice craze that is currently in full effect.  In Los Angeles, especially, it seems there is a new juice company, replete with their own cleanses, popping up every week or so.  

I love green juice.  When you drink it, it feels like you are cleaning out your insides and funneling all kinds of great things to your cells in record time!  I have always wanted to try an expensive cleanse, but as I’ve written about, I’ve never been a huge fan of cleanses for “cleansing.”  I just wanted to try the yummy juices 🙂  

I have loved my Vitamix since the first day I bought it – and still love it.  But, I’ve also always wanted a juicer. And have resisted purchasing one because of a few rationalizations – smoothies give you the fiber/the whole fruit or veg, (side note: there are great reasons to blend and great reasons to juice.  Here’s a great primer on that topic, and a follow up post about juicing with your blender!), with nothing wasted, juices don’t fill you up, juicing is expensive (not just the cleanses, but the amount of produce adds up!), slow juicers are better nutritionally than centrifugal juicers but are so expensive, the clean up is terrible, etc.  

So, I finally got one!  This is the one I settled on.  For a great primer on what juicer to get, taking into consideration common considerations, read this.  I am a bit obsessed.  I’ve purchased a lot of produce over the last few days.  The juice in the photo consists of:  kale, spinach, parsley, celery, cucumber, lemon, pear. I have to say, a large (16 oz or so is what I’ve been making) juice keeps me full and pretty energetic for hours. I think it has something to do with the overfed but undernourished phenomenon.  Or more aptly, green juice is the opposite – not a lot of calories, (especially with little or no fruit added), but TONS of nutrition.  

I don’t know how I’d do with a juice only cleanse for several days, because I haven’t tried it, but I do know that juicing one or more times a day makes me feel great! 


The Juice Craze

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